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Steve Smith had no real hopes of continuing to play football after the Carolina Panthers cut him from the team after an 11-5 season. Now, he has a change of heart could that change of heart be from the fact the panthers are 14-1 and he might just want last chance at revenge next season? Could be but he is planning on returning with the Ravens come next season. His season was cut short all due to an achilles injury, but he will make another chance at it. His comeback will be complicated noting that he tore his achilles but of course we all know Steve Smith is one of the toughest wide receivers in the National Football league. His toughness allows him to stand out amongst some of the best and is sure a reason why he is still in the league today. Steve Smith who is the 15th all-time leader in receptions with 961 and 11th or the receiving yardage list 13,392 yards will prep himself for one of the biggest comebacks, 89 is back.