Right before the buzzer, rapper Aaron Cohen has been next up to follow the end-of-the-year release pattern we’ve been seeing this month from a plethora of artists. There’s something about the year-end release that is exciting; in a way, releasing new music this time of the month helps bring positive momentum into the new year, regardless of what the artist may already have in store.
Born and raised in Seattle but now working and living out of Queens, Cohen has had a busy year. From dropping his latest EP, Home Less, to touring throughout the U.S. and abroad, to releasing music videos, setting free a loosie track is another day at the office for Cohen.
As recorded in Los Angeles, Cohen’s new single, “Superlow,” is produced by Caleb Stone, and is also the first collaboration between the two.
Give “Superlow” a listen and keep an eye on Cohen, as his forthcoming project, Off The Ground, is currently slated for March 2016.


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