As if fans needed more supporting evidence that Jennifer Lopez is one of the baddest females in the entertainment business, the 46-year old is set to star in a new television series, Shades Of Blue.

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Premiering its pilot episode on NBC on January 7th, the series falls under the tried and true beloved crime drama category. Starring as Detective Harlee Santos, Lopez is an NYPD detective and single mother who is struggling financially. The character gets caught up in an FBI anti-corruption probe, causing the detective to choose between doing the right thing for her family and covering up for her corrupt co-workers in the police department.

“Who we think we are, and who we turn out to be, are they ever the same?” J-Lo’s character asks, in an intense trailer promoting the series.


This new drama tests J-Lo’s range as a serious actress, and she takes on the role with veteran ease, all while looking flawless and playing the character with passion and conviction.

“Sometimes the right direction isn’t in the book,” is another quotable from the trailer.

Shades of Blue was created by Adi Hasak and is guaranteed to air at least 13 episodes.