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Talkers talk and players play.

According to James Harden, that’s how he sees Klay Thompson’s statement of being the best shooting guard in the NBA; just talk from a talker. That’s completely understandable from Harden’s perspective, because although Thomoson is averaging 19 points a game and shooting an incredible 43% from three, he hasn’t been quite the force Harden has been on the offensive end.


From the Houston Chronicle 



“People are going to talk,” Harden said. “Just let them talk and do whatever they’re going to do. Whatever gets them excited and whatever gives them that confidence to want to talk, just go ahead and do it. But we really know what’s going on.”

Asked if Thompson’s comment adds any motivation to Thursday’s meeting, Harden left it at “No.”


Harden so far this year is averaging 28 points, seven assists and six rebounds per game .