Tesla Spontaneously Catches Fire in Norway

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Just last week at a Supercharge station in Norway, a Tesla Model S burst into flames while the owner of the car was in a nearby store getting a bite to eat.

It is reported that the blaze arose from the leakage of a chemical found in the lithium-ion battery of the Tesla. Other electronics with lithium-ion batteries, such as the trendy hover-boards, have reportedly caught fire while charging due to similar battery malfunctions. Firefighters that arrived on the scene had to use a special chemical to suppress the flames, and the exact cause of the chemical leak and subsequent fire are still unknown due to the condition of the car post-disaster. What is known however, is that in past Tesla fires of this magnitude, the direct cause is usually a punctured underside of the car’s titanium shield. What makes this fire such a mystery is that Tesla has both reinforced its titanium shield and upgraded its software to prevent this type of accident due to previous fires. Tesla has issued a statement saying that:


“Nobody was harmed. We are undergoing a full investigation and will share our findings as soon as possible”.

Until the deliberation has reached its end, it is anyone’s guess as to what was the cause of this incident. Let’s just hope that the problem is solved before another Tesla turns from an eco-friendly automobile to a menacing, flaming deathtrap.