With formal charges being filed against the comedian and entertainment mogul Bill Cosby, countless celebrities and notables have been weighing in on the aggrevated indecent asault charge that the 78 year old comic faces.

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ATL rap giant Waka Flocka Flame showed support for the elder entertainer on social media, turning to Twitter to send his personal thoughts into the blogosphere, calling the controversy

“an organized lie.”



Waka, like other Black entertainers, including comedian Eddie Griffin, believe that Cosby is the target of a character assassination ploy, which they both believe happens all too often with Black celebrities. Crediting Cosby for inspiring young people of color to attend college, Griffin marked the charges as an attempt to circumvent the positive impact the once-celebrated actor has had.

“There is a systematic effort to destroy every black male entertainer’s image.”

Cosby is due back in court for his next hearing on January 14.