Killer Mike has been using his voice to speak on politics and activism a lot lately, and in a new interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Killer Mike talks his vision and why he’s supporting Bernie Sanders.

During the interview, Colbert asked Killer Mike’s views on modern day segregation.

If you look the attempts to keep [white and black people] is very successful. If you look at Daley and the highways in Chicago, there is no ‘attempt’, he’s very successful.

When asked about how to bridge the gaps between white and black people, Killer Mike’s solution is simple:

I speak at colleges quite often. When I speak at black colleges and white colleges, my message is different. I tell white kids that are in Tallahassee, Atlanta and New York to get off the college campus and find a child that is different than you, that looks different or comes from a different religious background than you and mentor that child and help them matriculate into college. Help them  by being a big brother or sister,don’t buy gifts to make yourself feel good, teach them the path you were taught to help them become a successful human being. By doing that you develop empathy and apathy for someone who doesn’t look like you and is culturally not from your background.

In regards to his endorsement of Bernie Sanders, Mike had this to say about the potential Democratic front runner.


Dr. King in his last 2 years of life talked about a poor people’s campaign, organizing unions on behalf of poor workers, organizing against a war machine that was perpetuating violence in Vietnam; Bernie Sanders is the only politician who has consistently for 50 years taken that social justice platform into  politics. Right now we have the opportunity to elect someone who is directly out of the philosophy of non violence. We have the opportunity to elect someone who cares about everyone and cares about lives that don’t look like his and we may not get this opportunity for another 20 years.