The 4th Installment of J. Cole’s ‘Road to Homecoming’ Documentary is Here

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J. Cole: Road to Homecoming – Buses, Vans, and Trains (Episode 4) from HBO on Vimeo.

On Saturday January 9, J. Cole‘s J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming special will air on HBO, and in commemoration of it, he began releasing a 4-part series last month, Road to Homecoming, that highlighted what it was like to release his third album in the unorthodox manner that he did, to personally visit fans and play the music for them, and just how hands-on he’s been in his touring and stage design process.


The first three episodes have already been released on Vimeo, and today we have the final episode before the big shebang hits on Saturday, episode 4, available for your viewing pleasure above. In this episode you start to see how Act III of the 2014 Forest Hills Drive tour comes together, from the design of the house to the obstacles that every member of his Dreamville team have to overcome on a nightly basis.

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