Today it has been announced that tech giant Apple has acquired Emotient, the startup company that uses artificial intelligence to read your emotions by analyzing facial expressions. According to Andrew Moore, dean of computer science at Carnegie Mellon, the new technology, called deep neutral networks -network of software and hardware that can approximate the web of neurons in the human brain-is beginning to be a booming trend across the nation.

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Andrew Moore:

We have very real data points showing computers doing a better job than humans in accessing emotional states. There are huge implications in terms of making dialogue with computers much more meaningful.

Moore suggests that this type of technology can be used for various different things including assessing mental health and security functions. Emotient shared that doctors have begun using their technology to analyze patient pain and moreover, retailers have even been using it to track how shoppers react to their products while shopping in stores.


Facebook and Google have already been researching similar technology but with the acquisition, Apple looks to be at the forefront of the new movement. It is safe to say that your iPhones may be able to read your facial mannerisms sooner rather than later.

Welcome to the future!