If you’re on Snapchat and don’t know the keys to success, congratulations you played yourself. DJ Khaled has quickly risen to be the Snapchat MVP with his motivational keys to success and daily life of glamour due his self claimed “25 years of blood, sweat, and tears”. As anyone who’s been alive since 2000 should know, DJ Khaled is nothing short of a mogul in the music industry and has now taken his talents to the internet. His influence now spans far from his native Miami now that he has hit the road to more success and has made a pilgrimage from Florida to Las Vegas and now Los Angeles. It is no secret that Khaled is up to something.

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His most recent Snapchat Story escapades include breakfast with Kendall Jenner, meetings with Snoop Dogg, and announcing the possible (and inevitable) Kim Kardashian Snapchat premier. Although in the snap Kim doesn’t do anything more than giggle and smile, Khaled goes on as usual with this major key alert saying,

“Ayo Kim, they don’t want you to wear the Saint Laurent fur. They don’t want you to break the app store. They don’t want you to be the biggest boss in the game. So what we gonna do is we gonna win more.”

Shortly after the snap was posted, Kim took to Instagram asking her fans “Should I #SNAPCHAT”. Judging from the comments, her fans are busting at the seems with anticipation of 10 second videos of Kim K’s life, as if a reality TV isn’t enough. So far the post has half a million likes and countless comments. We can only wait and see if Kim follows this key from DJ Khaled and sets off on her own journey to more success.