Fetty Wap is pretty adamant that he was set up.

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In but so many words, Fetty Wap described his one-night stand with former Love & Hip Hip Hollywood star Masika Kalysha. The star announced her pregnancy back in December and claimed that the child was indeed Fetty Wap’s. The rapper recently sat down with The Shade Room and discussed just why he’s not the father of Kalysha’s unborn child. Now, Fetty isn’t denying that he had unprotected sex with Kalysha but more or less he definitely feels like he was set up.

“I don’t really know how to explain that sh*t,” responded Fetty once he was asked about his baby mama drama with Kalysha.”It’s really like this: I was at a party, right. I don’t even remember what party I was at. I was at a party when I first met her, and my manager’s the one that made me go talk to her [laughs].”

“I’ma just say she knew what she was doing…I wasn’t just no random dude in the club, you know what I’m sayin’? She knew I was gon’ be there, and [awkward hand movements] that’s how that happened.”

Fetty didn’t deny the fact that the encounter was unprotected.


“Yeah, like, I ain’t gon’ lie, you feel me. I don’t got no reason to lie…We talked about certain shit that was supposed to happen. I guess she went around that sh*t, know what I’m sayin’? That’s how I knew it was all planned out.”

Yes, Fetty is a possible baby daddy candidate but seems unbothered by the entire situation. He even admitted getting sent things to his phone of Masika with a few professional athletes she’s been seen with.

“Congratulations to her and whoever is the…”

“–the father?”, Hughes interrupted.

“Yeah,” replies Fetty with a smile.

Fetty seems to be taking this all pretty lightly. One thing for sure is, this probably isn’t over and could potentially get pretty messy. Last year was amazing for the “Trap Queen” rapper, lets just hope 2016 isn’t filled with baby mama drama for Fetty. Check out the full interview below.