Sam Benson aka Blac Youngsta, had just withdrew money from an ATL Wells Fargo bank to purchase a vehicle when local police arrested him for what appears to be another terrible case of discrimination.

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The up and coming rapper signed to Yo Gotti‘s CMG label walked in a Wells Fargo location during a tour stop to withdraw $200,000 to purchase a Bentley S600 when he was confronted by police with guns drawn, claiming that he was identified as a bogus check scammer.



Even though it was later proven that it was indeed his hard earned money, the police still searched a black SUV that contained Benson and two other occupants in the bank parking lot for about an hour and confiscated half of his cash for a shor time.

“They targeted me just because I was young and black … I had too much money,”

said the Memphis, Tennessee native.

The police claim that the check scamming bandit they were on the lookout for was apprehended later that day trying to cash a $24,000 check.