As Brooklyn’s Chelsea Reject readies her forthcoming EP (to be released in March via Duck Down Records) she shares new track “Stressin'”, which much like the title suggests is reflective of Reject’s current pressures.

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With brisk lyricism, the emcee’s approach to this track is one with a rhyming and vocal pattern that matches perfectly the tension she and producer OnGuad create together.

With relatable lyrics such as, “I be so gifted you gotta unwrap it/Riding my bike in the city through traffic/Life moving fast as I try not to panic,” Chelsea’s sure to capture new audiences with her real talk.


Continuing on to promise, “I just want the time, you can keep the money/I just want the grind, one day I’ma shine,” the rapper sets the tone for the new year.

Chelsea’s forthcoming EP is currently still untitled and due out sometime in March 2016.