The story of El Chapo‘s re-capture is becoming so complicated and weird, we’re not sure we haven’t been watching a film being played out this entire time.

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Over the weekend, news broke that Rolling Stone sat for an interview with El Chapo–who, at the time, was one of the most wanted men in the world–via Sean Penn and, to boot, gave Chapo final say on the story they ran on him Saturday evening. Mexican officials then later reported–more than likely to Penn’s dismay–that it was Chapo’s meeting with the Academy Award-winning actor that helped them track down the fugitive, something that probably won’t sit well with Chapo’s associates. All of this was orchestrated by a third party, a Mexican actress named Kate del Castillo, who holds Chapo in extremely high regard and believes in the drug lord more than she lives in her home country’s government.

Still, the weird details continue to emerge, and according to The Guardian, Chapo was taken to a “sex motel” by authorities following his re-capture last week, while they awaited back-up. According to this Guardian report:


[They] promptly took them to a sex motel. The police wanted a discreet refuge to await reinforcements so the world’s most notorious drug lord found himself handcuffed by a beige satin bedspread in room 51 of the Doux motel. It is decorated in pink and purple hues and costs 300 pesos (£11.50) for six hours. A laminated menu of sex toys, condoms and lubricants sits by the bedside, not visible in the photograph of the captured El Chapo.

“A laminated menu of sex toys, condoms and lubricants sits by the bedside.” Now, the room he was taken to is the establishment’s biggest draw.