Derek Carr a.k.a. Jinx Da Juvy has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for his role in a drug conspiracy.

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According to an article in the Press & Bulletin newspaper in Binghamton, NY, Jinx was involved with the MacBallers (a subset of the Bloods) and was arrested alongside 14 others by the FBI in 2014.

Jinx Da Juvy may be a familiar name to some in the Hip Hop community. A Brooklyn artist making noise in the early/mid 2000s in the underground scene, he eventually caught the attention of Russell Simmons, who was still working with Def Jam Records at the time. That association spawned rumors at the time of Jinx being Russell’s son (which were never proven). Jinx was signed to Def Jam and after leaving the label to go independent, he was signed again to Russell Simmons Music Group, a situation that never took off. Before signing to Simmons, Jinx was associated with Kool G Rap. There seemed to be hope for his music career after Jinx previously came home from jail after a short stay.


In an older video by unofficial ‘hood videographer Product, Jinx talks about focusing on the music and staying away from dangerous situations.