Jamie Foxx Jokingly Pulled a Steve Harvey at Last Night’s Golden Globes, Awarded ‘SOC’ Best Original Score

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It’s impossible to see the hijinks at major awards shows coming, and last night we got our fair share of them. From Leonardo DiCaprio‘s hilarious reaction to being bumped by Lady Gaga, to Taraji P. Henson‘s “you gon’ wait!” retort to a teleprompter that was telling her to wrap up her speech, Vine and viral memes were, once again, the real MVP at a Sunday night ceremony. Oh, and Jamie Foxx.

Though Foxx wasn’t nominated for anything at last night’s Golden Globes, he was the presenter for the night’s Best Original Score in a Motion Picture award, for which scores from Creed, Steve Jobs, Carol, The Danish Girl and Hateful Eight were nominated, and he took the opportunity to spoof Steve Harvey‘s Miss Universe mistake, where he named the wrong contestant the winner (and subsequently fumbled his Twitter apology). Foxx confidently looked into the crowd and declared F. Gary Gray‘s blockbuster Straight Outta Compton the winner, despite the fact that it wasn’t even nominated. Shortly after, he–seamlessly–impersonated Harvey’s recovery, mentioning that it’s “right here on the card” and apologizing to “everybody in Compton.” Absolutely hilarious.


Ice Cube, one of the stars of Straight Outta Compton, approves.

Jamie Foxx is a G for this one!!!

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Watch the full spoof above.