Update: Kendrick has shared additional details and photos of the event.

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From Compton to Congress.

Currently leading the 58th Annual Grammy Awards with a rap record of 11 nominations for his sophomore album To Pimp a Butterfly, which boasts President Barack Obama‘s favorite song of the year, “How Much a Dollar Cost,” Kendrick Lamar continues to infiltrate the system.


Following in the footsteps of previous hip-hop guests including Jay-Z, Pharrell, Common and Wale, it’s been revealed by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett on this week’s edition of BuzzFeed’s Another Round that The Source‘s co-MVP of 2015 recently paid a visit to the White House and met face to face with the commander-in-chief.

Jarrett didn’t disclose too many specifics though, other than to make note of Obama reportedly calming the politically-savvy MC’s nerves by striking common ground with acknowledgement of the obstacles they’ve overcome: “Can you believe that we’re both sitting in this Oval Office?”

Listen to the full episode below, or skip to the 39:30 mark for this portion of the conversation.