Lil Kim was one of the first ladies of Hip Hop to speak out about something very important: oral sex.

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“The only way you seein’ me is if you eatin’ me,” Lil’ Kim rapped back in 1996 on “Not Tonight,” as women everywhere yelled, “preeeeeeach.”

As women of all sexual preferences stand united on the pleasures of oral sex, not much has changed on that front besides the technology. The latest sex toy out on the market, as debuted at CES 2016, is called Fiera Arouser For Her, and is opening up new discussions about the importance of oral sex.


Fiera Arouser for Her features suction oral sex simulators that are designed to help women with low libido get in the mood, and is designed to stimulate blood flow to the genitals. The sex toy is small and contains three massagers placed behind a suction cup. Users can control the intensity with different settings, as well as the pattern. As reported by a spokesperson for the product, women should use the device between three and 15 minutes, as well as before intercourse to heighten female pleasure.

Researchers at San Diego Sexual Medicine tested the product on 12 post-menopausal women, who all experienced increased arousal and favorable experiences with the product. The study has not yet been published but already is helping the curious commit to buying and testing out the product for herself.