Four days after Governor Rick Snyder declared a state of emeregency in Michigan for contaminated water in the city of Flint, the governor reached out for federal assistance, in which residents of the city will have bottled water readily available for them until their water crisis is under control.

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City officials had issued a statement that the tap water was not safe to drink after a test of 2,200 children revealed 43 of them with high levels of lead in their blood, which attributes to mental and physical developmental problems. These results come from a test that only accounted for 2% of Flint’s population.

Currently, their are residents who are still receiving water bills for H2O that isn’t even safe enough to wash their face. The crisis began in April 2014 when Flint switched from using Detroit’s water supply to water from the Flint River to save money. The river water was saltier and began corroding the old pipes and leaching lead into the system.


Protesters fill the streets calling for more than just the governor ousted from his job; residents of Flint want Governor Snyder arrested. In the meantime, Snyder insists that it could take up to a month to get a response for his request for FEMA aid.