From his recapture last Friday to the revelation of his secret interview with actor Sean Penn, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been one of the trending topics in headlines all over the world the past few days. Today, footage has been released from the deadly house raid that led to his capture, as a camera was placed atop the helmet of one of the soldiers that was on the scene.

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In the raid, which lasted for three hours, soldiers encountered 15 of El Chapo’s henchman who were armed with machine guns and rocket launchers. Of the men, 5 were killed, 4 by gunfire and one who fell off the roof of the safe house. In the video, soldiers are seen firing into the drug lord’s bedroom and captured one of his men, who arrested as well as found two women hiding inside of a bathroom.

On a lighter note, the marines found condoms, syringes, injectable testosterone, as well as Mexican soap opera DVDs starring Kate Del Castillo, the same woman who facilitated his meeting with Sean Penn.