Rap, at its core, has always been a very competitive sport, there’s no doubt about it. But while every great MC believes deep down that they’re the best, very few tend to publicly make direct comparisons between themselves and other artists in particular, with the exception of course for the occasional diss record or “Control”-esque verse.

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In a recent interview with NPR’s Microphone Check however, when asked about feeling doubted, Freddie Gibbs spoke up about being overshadowed by perhaps more commercially-acceptable lyrcists. “I don’t think that I get put up there with the J.Coles and the Kendrick Lamars and guys of that nature, when I definitely think that I’m rapping on their level or definitely higher,” said the self-proclaimed underdog, insisting that he deserves more recognition for innovation.

Does he simply come off as jealous, wrongfully undermining the talents and work ethic of his more-established peers? Or does the Shadow of a Doubt rapper have a valid point to claim that his aptitudes are drastically being taken for granted? Let us know how you feel.