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Coming into the national championship game, the aura of Nick Saban and his Roll Tide program was teetering on being considered “overrated or “past it’s time”, but if the national championship was any indication on his program, the hype was real. Capturing his 4th championship, Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide delivered an epic game and outlasted the No. 1 Clemson Tigers in a game that was considered the best in years.

Torching the Clemson Tigers with their power and speed, the game finally broke open with about 10:34 left on the clock in the fourth quarter when Saban called for an onside kick and DB Marlon Humphrey caught it right over his shoulder.


It was pretty much blouses after that.

According to Saban in a postgame conference regarding the kick, he stated:

‘It was tough. It really was,” said Saban, who now has more national titles than every other coach but Bear Bryant, the man who first made Alabama synonymous with college football greatness.

”I made the decision to do it because the score was (tied) and we were tired on defense and weren’t doing a great job of getting them stopped and felt like if we didn’t do something or take a chance to change the momentum of the game that we wouldn’t have a chance to win,” Saban said.

Moments later, the game was pretty much controlled by Alabama as tight end O.J Howard broke for a 51-yard touchdown to make it 31-24 Bama lead. But right before the game could be handed over to Bama, Watson and his Tigers scored a touchdown making it 38-33  with less than 5:00 min left on the clock. Although the game looked close, Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry plunged into an crowded end zone to take the game 45-33 Bama lead.

It was a crazy game and it showed not only the strength of Bama but also the Tigers. According to Coach Swinney,”We stand toe-to-toe with everybody in the country.” ”This program doesn’t take a backseat to anybody.”

This is the Tide’s 11th National Title in the poll era and that’s more than any school.