With her mother being a traveling DJ, the music industry has always been a part of new artist Cherae Leri’s life.

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Leri started singing as a young girl in front of anyone who would listen: from friends and family to local events and weddings, making it clear she had a voice and was going to be heard. Her early influences were artists such as Patti Labelle, Leela James, and Erykah Badu, with Ms. Badu later becoming her mentor.

Although her focus shifted at one point into the world of modeling where she first made a name for herself, Leri never abandoned her music roots and in 2015 relocated to Atlanta to focus on her musical career.


Since her move Leri’s been working on her album No Correlation, releasing previous single “Mirage” and now her latest single, “Just Bizness.”

Combining elements of neo-soul, pop, jazz and R&B, “Just Bizness” (produced by Mello) is another example of how Leri takes elements of past musical influences and adds her own modern take. She isn’t playing the damsel in distress or the victim, but rather the woman who’s about her business: too smart for the games or manipulation.

Check out “Just Bizness” below, along with a sneak peak clip from the upcoming music video.