Bryson Tiller hasn’t shot many music videos off his buzzing October album, Trap Soul, but he’s already begun to pull the big guns out.

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To follow-up videos for “Don’t” and “Sorry Not Sorry,” Tiller has enlisted the star of the holiday blockbuster Creed, Michael B. Jordan, to direct the video for the MeKanics-produced cut, which was one of the few songs released prior to Trap Soul‘s release last fall. When asked by Apple Music how the relationship was struck, Tiller had this to say about meeting the Hollywood star, who has also starred in Fruitvale Station and Fantastic 4.

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Tiller also went on to talk about “Proof,” the song he wrote that eventually found its way onto Chris Brown‘s Royalty album, which dropped in December. The song was intended for Trap Soul, and Tiller had actually already recorded a version of it. Read his full chat with Apple Music here.

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