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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is often characterized as being a curmudgeon who despises the media and likes to remain super private on all matters, including football. The 4-time Super Bowl Champion coach is known for saying as little as possible during interviews and giving reporters a hard time when asked questions that might be deemed too intrusive. Ahead of their AFC divisional playoff matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs this Saturday, Belichick showed up to a recent press conference with a shiner above his left eye.

Of course, he was questioned about the black eye but he opted to remain mum on the subject stating “I think i’ll live.” Upon further questioning, Belichick got a bit more snarky in his response. “I don’t think we need to list the coaches on the injury report.”

Belichick’s public persona is one to not cut loose and have any fun but last weekend, during the Patriots week off, the coach broke character a bit and took the entire team out bowling. Hopefully he didn’t sustain the injury while on the lanes, that would mean none of his players would have anymore fun under his watch.