If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time using New York City’s subway system as a means of commuting, you don’t need to be formally introduced to the “Showtime” dancers, who are as much a part of New York subway culture as turnstiles and graffiti. On any given day, you can be riding home on the train after work, minding your business, and a group of dancers can enter your train car and begin jumping, somersaulting, flying from pole to pole and breakdancing to the beat of their friends’ rhythmic claps or whichever song is beating out of their portable boombox.

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Apparently, one of the flexible dancers took issue with a straphanger that was none too impressed with the routine on the northbound A train last week. According to DNAInfo, a 39-year-old man had his phone snatched, and was assaulted by a “Showtime” dancer that didn’t take too kindly to being ignored. In fact, DNAInfo reports that according to the NYPD, one of the dancers yelled out “Anybody who isn’t paying attention, suck my d***.”

The victim was punched in the face, and fled the scene with three other associates. Outside of the suspect being roughly 20-years old, the police have very little info on him.


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