Chloe Goins, who we reported last week had her sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby rejected by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, has found another way to vent her anger and frustration: she recorded a diss track.

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The former dancer and alleged sexual assault victim has decided to launch a career in the music industry, with her first official release a rap song attacking Cosby and his alleged rape and sexual assault charges.

“Chlo-Chlo” (Goins’ rap alias) doesn’t sugarcoat her message as she sings, “Whatcha gonna do Bill, popping pills on the girls when they come through. Whatcha gonna do Bill, now the whole world knows what you were up to.”


Laugh all you want, but Goins already has a record deal. She signed with Always A Hit Productions and according to their Facebook page, they have her working in the studio with a producer named Jammin’ J who’s no doubt hoping to gain some exposure of his own.

chloegoins-Jammin J

The song will reportedly be released this week via iTunes and other major online music retailers, with a portion of the sales donated to a non-profit organization benefiting sexual assault victims.