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President Barack Obama jumped on Twitter to hold his #AskPOTUS question-and-answer session today (Thursday, January 14) at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge to ask what we (the American people) can accomplish this year and beyond.

Giving the public a rare opportunity to ask the President anything, as you can imagine, resulted in a mix between serious and absolutely ridiculous. Here’s a recap that includes some he decided to answer, and some we wish he had.

Some questions Obama did answer covered topics like healthcare, college tuition, campaign finance reform, and his greatest memory as president. He was even brave enough to tackle the controversial debate of who’s the greatest between Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.



Potus-favorite moment



While we understand the president can’t answer every tweet, these below in particular needed answers.

And of course, there ALWAYS has to be this guy…