Just when we thought Donald Trump couldn’t get any more ridiculous, he strikes again with his new Kid’s Bop-esque theme song. Performed for the first time at a GOP rally in Pensacola, Florida by the Freedom Girls this Wednesday, the “official jam” of the Trump campaign sounds a lot like something you would hear on Radio Disney, if Radio Disney was overrun by the conservative agenda.

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The entire song is a subtle attack on those who do not support Trumps, “Make America Great Again” campaign. According to the Freedom Girls, the American people need an “ameritude’ adjustment and Trump is the perfect person for the job. It even went so far as to use the phrase “President Trump” when referring to the candidate. Although it has toned down the blatant bigotry and radical patriotism to appeal to a wider audience, the central message of selective patriotism is still apparent. Hopefully come election day, the country will make the right choice and put an end to this.


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