Since January 2nd, a group of armed militants have taken over a federal building at the Masher Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. They’ve taken these measures in protest of the federal government’s land use policies. There has been much conjecture amongst the public regarding the lack of force used by the government to remove them, in contrast to the forced used in cities such as Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD when protesters gathered to speak out against police brutality.

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Having spent nearly two weeks at the federal building, the militants have begun to run low on supplies and have posted online asking supporters to send them essentials including but not limited to blankets, razors and cigarettes. Apparently many of the people following the situation have a sense of humor because they were gifted with large quantities of phallic sex toys instead.

One of the militants, Jon Ritzheimer found nothing funny about it, as he did not crack single smile when discussing the matter.


It’s really ridiculous. This one is really funny, it’s a bag of d***s. They spend and waste their money on all this hateful stuff right here. We’re not gonna let all your junk and hate mail sidetrack us. If you want to be part of history in the making, you need to be out here and you need to show some support.

There some pretty funny pranksters in the good ole U.S. of A.

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