The Powerball Jackpot gripped the nation within the past week as people from all walks of life tried there luck at the drawing which eventually ballooned to a record $1.5 Billion prize. As we all know, the winning Powerball ticket was located in Chino Hills, CA but some folks in New Jersey got a major false alarm last Saturday during the previous drawing.

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Workers at the Grissini’s Restaurant in Englewood Cliffs, NJ were in a frenzy last Saturday night when they were under the impression that they had won the jackpot in their work pool. The employees were gleaming with excitement as the numbers were read and began hugging each other in celebration. The restaurant dishwasher even through off his apron and quit immediately while another employee called his family to announce the great news.

Unfortunately, the joy was short lived as they soon realized that the numbers being read were actually what would have been the winning numbers from the previous drawing that Wednesday. Bartender Charlie Poveromo was still riding high on emotion even after the realization exclaiming “what a feeling!.”


Watch the videos below of the sequence.