Songbird Angie Stone appeared on The Steve Harvey Show yesterday and addressed her arrest in Georgia last year for aggrevated assault against her daughter, whose teeth were allegedly knocked out in the confrontation in the singer’s Atlanta home.

“No, I did not knock out my daughter’s teeth. I think that in her defense, I think the tooth probably fell out because one had fallen out a week prior to that tooth falling out. And when you have an altercation as such, you can bite down on your lip, and if a tooth is already brittle and decaying, it’s coming out. If she bit down on a rotten, brittle tooth.”

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Stone, who was also at one time an emcee signed to Sugar Hill Records with a group called Cequence, went on to say to her good friend Steve Harvey in a very light hearted way, “We were definitely in an altercation and it’s not that I’m proud of it but you not going to fight me in my house. You’re not going to fight me period. I am your mother and that’s how that go. And there comes a time when you’re fighting another adult, you’ve got to defend yourself.”

Stone’s account of the March brawl differs from that of the DeKalb County Police Department. According to a police report, Stone struck her daughter, Diamond Stone, with a metal stand, knocking out her teeth. The 54 year old singer was arrested and released on a $10,000 bond. As of Thursday, the case is still pending.