The Hoop Guru In Charge has spoken.

President Obama recently participated in a Twitter Q&A session and along with answering questions about important issues such as climate control and affordable college tuition plans, an NBA fan asked the Commander-In-Chief to choose between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

As a true Chicago native who witnessed a lot of greatness in the United Center, he went with his “Airness” himself, MJ. He continued to talk basketball by praising LSU‘s freshman sensation, Ben Simmons.

Recently, the Diaper Dandie from Australia met with the President and talked hoops primarily through his trip in Louisiana. Obama got information that Simmons’s dad Dave played overseas ball and was teammates with the Secretary Of Education’s Arne Duncan. As he watches Ben’s dominant performance throughout the season, he continues to become a witness and believer of what all the NBA scouts have been saying about the young talent and feels he’s better than his dad.