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Ricardo Medina Jr., the actor who played Deker, the red Power Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai, has been arrested and charged with murder after killing his roommate with a Samurai sword (cue Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic”).

The “Power Ranger” turned stripper was first arrested a year ago for the stabbing, claiming it was self-defense. Upon further investigation by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, it appears the stabbing was a result of a love triangle involving Medina, his roommate Josh Sutter, and Medina’s girlfriend.

Gustavo Moraes (4)Medina could now be facing 26-years to life in prison.


Surprisingly, Medina’s not the first Power Ranger to murder someone. Remember Skylar Deleon from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? He was convicted and sentenced to lethal injection after killing Tom and Jackie Hawks on their yacht back in 2004.

Sklar Deleon