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Jason Kidd
Years: 1994-2013
Team(s): Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks
PPG: 12.6
APG: 8.7
RPG: 6.3
NBA Champion (2011)
10x All-Star
Co-Rookie Of The Year: 1995

With a career spanning 19 years, Jason Kidd was dominant from start to finish. Never one to light up the scoreboard, Kidd excelled at the point guard position by facilitating offenses through him, racking up assists and making each of his teammates better. With him on the court, his teams would always have a chance at the W as he systemically broke down defenses. Speaking of defense, Jason Kidd is one of the most accomplished PG’s in that aspect as his defensive stat-line never fell below zero on plus-minus, not once.