Forty-eight years after the assassination of one of the world’s most beloved leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of peace and social justice lives on. His influence has transcended religion, race, politics, and perhaps one of the most sacred realms of all: music.

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Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech alone has sparked some of the most creative minds of our time, and will continue to do so for as long as his memory remains.

Created in an effort to provide an outlet for the musically marginalized, Hip Hop boasts some of the most empowering songs that hold true to MLK’s initiatives toward equality for the African-American community.


While some may steer farther away from Martin Luther King’s doctrines of peace, the following Hip Hop songs serve to create the ultimate soundtrack of vigor and dignity for your Martin Luther King Jr. weekend celebrations, as we reflect on the legendary activist’s dynamism and the current situation we’re faced with today.

  1. Fight The Power – Public Enemy  

    2. A Dream – Common ft. Will.I.Am 

    3. My President Is Black – Jay Z, Young Jeezy, Nas 

    4. Doin’ It Again – The Roots ft. John Legend 

    5. By The Time I Get To Arizona – Public Enemy 

    6. i – Kendrick Lamar 

    7. Glory – Common ft. John Legend 

    8. F*ck The Police – NWA 

    9. Letter To The King – The Game 

    10. Sound of Da Police – KRS-One 

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