1972 saw the truly imaginative and fame hungry Bowie try out a fashion styling that would divide and confuse his purveyors. His most poignant and exciting album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars dropped and with it came the character of Ziggy. Bowie committed to the persona of the more than famous rock superstar of Stardust even when his fame was not at a parallel level to the fictional character’s. The levels suddenly leveled out and David Bowie superseded even his wildest imaginations of fan and media attention. In a brightly colored quilted ensemble, an orange haired Bowie performed on an ITV show titled Lift Off. Bowie shortly after would be renowned for constantly proving to be a polarizing sight. The evolution of Ziggy Stardust came with the pirate like addition of an eye-patch and the donning of an open shirt and red trousers in ’73. This year would mark the end of Stardust and an introduction to the face painted, lightning bolt displaying Aladdin Sane. Soon after the release of the coinciding album titled Aladdin Sane, Bowie threw a soiree to officially say goodbye to the Ziggy Stardust persona the public had grown forcefully attached too. He prepared for his next image transition.

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