In the heat of the moment, professional athletes must stay poised and level-headed. Jarmal Reid must have missed that memo, resulting in him paying a major price for his poor decision-making .

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Last night [Sunday, January 17] in a conference match-up between Oregon State and Utah, there were some chippy plays going on in which players were looking to the referees to control the game by blowing their whistle. Unfortunately, the refs let them play through it, which didn’t sit well with Oregon State forward Reid. Fighting for possession of the ball in the close game with three minutes left, Reid came out victorious and thought the referee should’ve called a foul. Frustrated he didn’t get a call, Reid incredulously decided to intentionally kick his leg out and trip the referee as he was running up the court.

The referee immediately stopped the play and decided to eject the Georgia native. Check out the clip of the incident below.


Reid’s team ended up losing 59-53. To add more insult to injury, the Pac-12 conference decided to bring the hammer down on Reid by suspending him for four games. This punishment should teach the senior forward no matter how intense a game is, you must stay poised—especially during the crunch time of a close game. Never “trip” because cooler heads will always prevail, on and off the court.