“Funky fresh, dressed to impress, ready to party.”

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Your sneaker game is ridiculous. No one can touch your retros, your foams, etc. Yet your feet stink. And I don’t mean no light funk! I mean that Frito, corn chip funk that burns your nose hair.

While the stink alone is almost too much to handle, it also points out the serious issue of foot fungus. Foot fungus can lead to things like Athlete’s Foot or a particular fungus that discolors and weakens your nails. It’s time to handle that.


If you’re using public showers or communal ones, wear shower sandals. If several people are using that shower at home, wash it often with disinfectant. Fungus breed in warmth and moisture, that’s why they take up home on your feet.

Wash your feet often (especially if you’re active in your job or personal life) to keep that sweat down. Keep them dry and have dry socks on always.

Keep your sneakers as moisture free as possible, too. You can buy charcoal, place it in your socks and leave it in your shoes. It absorbs all moisture. Another thing that works is orange peels in your socks. It does the same thing and leaves a light, good smell.

It’s definitely important to have a good shoe game, yet make sure your hygiene is up to par or all your people will no doubt be talking about you.