Sitting behind bars since December 2014 on a slew of charges, GS9 frontman Bobby Shmurda and his family have made numerous attempts at making his bail, which is a hefty $2 Million. A month ago, his family was able to put together the necessary amount needed, as well as a detailed report showing how the funds were acquired. That too was denied. Today Bobby Shmurda’s lawyers were in court again with another package in order to secure bond for the Brooklyn rapper but was again denied by Judge Clott who stated that there is “no substantive change” in the rapper and that he is also “satisfied that the case is extraordinarily serious.

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This is yet another blow to Bobby Shmurda’s case as it looks like he will be remaining behind bars after assuming he would be allowed to leave jail given that he was able to retrieve the necessary funds. He is set to appear in court on February 22nd on separate charges he received while already in custody.