DeRay Mckesson Hits Stephen Colber’s ‘The Late Show’ to Talk #BlackLivesMatter, White Privilege


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Leading #BlackLivesMatter activist and frequent addresser of the rampant police brutality problems plaguing our society, DeRay Mckesson, sat down with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last night to discuss America’s issue with addressing race, and dismantling white privilege. In the brief interview clip, which you can watch above, Colbert quickly soliloquies Mckesson’s resume before speaking on #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter, and being a white person that’s “woke” on racial issues, evidenced–per DeRay–by Colbert donning a #BlackLivesMatter bracelet on a recent show.

Towards the end of the interview, in an exercise meant to help Colbert help figure out steps that could be taken towards fighting white privilege, Mckesson and Colbert switch seats, and the former Comedy Central personality is forced to practice taking steps towards dismantling his privilege, coached by Mckesson. The ensuing dialogue is pretty light-hearted and good-natured, including a witty “baby steps” joke by Colbert, who alleged his mother attended the March on Washington while pregnant with him, but above all it was a healthy conversation about issues that American people–specifically the American media–often shy away from discussing.


Watch the full interview above, or skip to the 6:25 mark to see what happens when Mckesson and Colbert switch roles.