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The year is off to a fresh start and one of the topics on everyone’s mind this year is the presidential election race, and in particular, the farce that is Donald Trump. Hip hop isn’t all just flashy cars and diamond necklaces; there are emcees that have real issues to talk about in their music. Among these, KXNG Crooked of the super lyrical Slaughterhouse machine has collaborated with Underground Music Award winning rapper and real life practicing doctor Lazarus to address political issues going on in the world on their record “Fearless.” 

Lazarus, who hails from Detroit, releases music on Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital imprint and has recently worked with D12 on their mixtape “Devil’s Night” and Royce Da 5’9” on the single “Underdog.” His verse on this song single handedly represents for the Muslim American struggle and alienation that is felt by the Muslim community due to hate crimes and generalizations. “Now two people in Bernardino could make a religion evil? Give me proof. We’re not gunning Christians for Dylan Roof” Lazarus utters in the midst of a jaw dropping verse. “Bunch of cowards scared to tell a racist like Donald to step on top of the Trump Towers and take the fast way down” is said by Kxng Crooked in his incredible display of lyricism. It’s iconic to see these super emcees come together with their unique impeccable flows and speaking about real topics that are relevant to the world right now, and in particular, to America. This is what Hip Hop needs!