Lionel Messi is one of the great soccer players in football history, and this season, he won his record 5th Ballon d’Or, equivalent to the NBA’s regular season MVP award. Naturally, he’s an international star, and fans of all ages from countries across the world clamor to purchase his merchandise or sport his signature haircut. This one kid is one of those fans, but unfortunately, he can’t support his sports hero in the traditional method.

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A Messi fan Twitter account got a hold of the above picture, and tweeted it out, claiming that Messi’s team got in contact with them via Twitter DM, hoping the viral nature of the tweet would help them locate the actual child, who they can then gift with some authentic Messi merchandise. If true, it’s certainly a touching gesture, though the task might prove difficult considering the boy’s face isn’t featured in the picture. Still, best of luck to all parties involved, we can’t think of a more fitting end to this story.