LeBron’s Face When Stephen Curry Steals the Ball From Him Says It All

Repost @br_hoops: LeBron’s face after Steph Curry swiped him last night. #bruh ???

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Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers got butchered by the defending champion Golden State Warriors. This is a fact. Here’s another fact. Now that the Cavs are healthiest they’ve been since LeBron‘s return in 2014, last night’s Finals rematch was expected to be a close, intense contest between an improved Cavs team, and a Warriors team looking to repeat as champs and make history in the process. Last night’s game was neither close nor intense.

Here’s another fact. For the first time in at least the last 5 years, there’s a question as to who the best player on the planet is. In fact, right now, there’s more evidence that supports Stephen Curry as the world’s best baller than there is evidence to support LBJ.


Considering all these facts became painfully obvious during last night’s 34-point loss to the Warriors, the face LeBron makes in the above Instagram clip, which features Steph Curry stripping LeBron for one of his 3 steals, pretty much sums up just how #23 probably felt for most of last night.

Cleveland’s got work to do.