Birdman and Lil Wayne seem to have made up in Miami recently, but Rick Ross ain’t buying it.

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Despite Birdman’s declaration on stage at Liv nightclub he has Weezy’s back for life, Ross took to Snapchat yesterday [Monday, January 18] with the question of why no one has approached him over his own blatant shots.

Ross appeared to take aim at Birdman while speaking to Wayne on his Black Market song “Color Money,” where he rapped, “Miami n*ggas got them changing all the gun laws / So run Forrest, got some shooters and they dying too / I got more money than that p*ssy that you’re signed to.” Ross then had this to say on his Snapchat: “I’m the real player / them n*ggas kiss and they make up hoe.”


During his unofficial/official reunion with Weezy, Birdman had told the crowd at Liv: “You bitch asses that be sayin’ my name, bitch, I’ma pull up. And I ain’t gon’ pull up talking, believe that. Rich Gang for life.”

In addition to the above social media activities, Ross let fans know he’s already working on new music at his new label, Epic Records.