Ice Cube has consistently produced classics when it comes to African-American comedies, and the Barbershop franchise is a treasure to watch for more than comedic purposes.

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Calvin’s barbershop is located in Chicago and the producers never shy away from current issues the communities in the city seem to be facing, from the lack of jobs in the first film (remember the scene where dude ran away without paying for his haircut, and we later found out he was going to a job interview and couldn’t afford it?) to tackling gentrification and shady city officials in Barbershop 2.

There’s a clip showing a sequence of both gang members and cops driving by, while Calvin voices his concerns of raising his teenage son Jalen. “I’m not trying to get that call in the middle of the night saying my son is locked up, or worse.” It looks like the focus of the third installment will be #BarbershopSavesTheNeighborhood.


The trailer shows we’ll still get the hilarious “Battle of The Sexes” arguments, but with a few new characters to look forward to. Nicki Minaj is the local “weaveologist” named Draya, Common will be introduced as Rashad and Regina Hall will be playing Angie. Unfortunately we don’t see any sign of Michael Ealy again (insert sad face emoji).Attachment-1

Barbershop 3 will hit the theaters April 15.