“Iron Mike” is back and this time he’ll be raising hell…in the octagon.

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Mike Tyson‘s legendary intimidation was cold as ice. His speed and power brought fear to fighters, which led to some of the most merciful knockouts in boxing history. In honor of arguably the greatest heavyweight to dominate the sport of boxing, EA Sports and UFC President Dana White have decided to add Tyson to the roster of playable characters in their upcoming game, UFC 2. This is thanks to Tyson being a major fan favorite in classic video games such as Punch-Out, Fight Night: Round 4 and Fight Night: Champion.

EA Sports game developers will give fans the opportunity to play two types of Mike Tyson: “Iron” Mike Tyson and “Legacy” Mike Tyson, presentable as different fighters in the game paying homage to Tyson’s different staged of his career.


Here’s a dope trailer of Tyson knocking UFC fighters out in the octagon with a classic DMX track enhancing the excitement which the Brownsville native brings to fighting fans worldwide. UFC 2 is set to be released March 15 and fans who pre-order the game will be able to use Tyson right away.