Gay Men Touch a Vagina for the First Time in New Viral Video

Viral content seems pointless on the surface sometimes, but they can often be as much a teaching moment as a 2000-word article, or an interview. YouTube duo sensation Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers have struck gold using that concept once before, and it appears that they’ve struck again.

The minds behind the ubiquitous Lesbians “Touch Penis for the First Time” video flip the script, and have delivered another clip sure to go viral, “Gay Men Touch Vagina for the First Time,” which isn’t a metaphor in any sense of the word. Several gay men quite literally reach between a woman’s legs and touch vagina for the first time in their lives, causing them to jump, cringe, curl into an upright fetal position, amongst other things. Well…except that.


Of their new video, the duo, known as BriaAndChrissy, have this to say:

The video shows how much stock we do put in genitalia as a culture in relation to gender. We’re glad that issue is raised. We should have an understanding, safe, and open dialogue about our own bodies and it is through videos like this that those discussions can take place.

Watch the clip above.