Bad Boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly recently revealed on social media that he was healing up from an emergency surgery procedure from an infection in the Cleveland native’s arm.

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On Snapchat, MGK posted images of his infected arm in a cast and wrote “da fuck happnd” as the caption. He didn’t reveal the cause of the infection, but some critics have speculated that it might have been caused by his alleged drug addiction.



Kelly, who has been on the road promoting his latest project, General Admission, tweeted,  “surgery went well thanks for asking. they won’t release me from the hospital tho until test results indicate they don’t have to do it again. I just wanna be sure my left arm will be fully functional again after this. fun fact: doc said if i would’ve waited 12 more hours. the infection would’ve gotten to my bone. u know what that means??”

Let’s hope that MGK comes back in the game from a speedy recovery.