Sam Smith is just 23 and has only released one album, but he’s already one of the most decorated pop artists of the last 5 years. He won four Grammy Awards for performances on his In The Lonely Hour album, has toured the world, and most recently, became the first artist to have their James Bond theme song top the UK charts. Not even the mighty, record-breaking Adele, who sang the Skyfall theme song in 2012, was able to achieve that feat.

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Earlier today, Smith took to his Twitter to tell a brief story of one of his friends being berated by someone in a racist manner, and he was absolutely livid. The interesting part of his story however, is that it appears that prior to this encounter, Smith wasn’t entirely sure racist people still existed in the world. Read his rant below.


Hey Sam, when you say you never “thought that would happen here,” do you mean the planet Earth? It’s been this way for centuries. It’s unfortunate that you had to witness it happen to your friend, but this is the world we live in bro.